The European Hemp Hub

Who are we ?

The European Hemp Hub brings together all the actors in the hemp value chainfrom upstream to downstream, across its different application markets and within a cooperative multi-stakeholder and multi-market ecosystem.

A collective adventure

After 4 years of mobilization and co-construction as a project, with a core of 11 partners and more than 350 diverse actors involved, the European Hemp Hub was created as a prefigurative association in February 2023 before becoming a Société Coopérative d’Intérêt Collectif (SCIC – Community Interest Cooperative Company) in January 2024. a core of 11 partners and more than 350 diverse actors involved, le Pôle européen du chanvre est créé en tant qu’Association de préfiguration en février 2023 avant de devenir une Société coopérative d’intérêt collectif (SCIC) en janvier 2024.

The European Hemp Hub values cooperation between actors. It offers services in the form of support for collective projects and actions to animate the hemp ecosystem.

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Developing the production, processing and uses of hemp

Creating new outlets and extra value for all actors in the hemp ecosystem, from upstream to downstream

Supporting industrial innovations in hemp sectors

Fostering the development of hemp-related activities in territories

Defining a transversal and prospective vision of hemp markets’ evolution

As transversal as hemp

The European Hemp Hub operates just like hemp. Hemp’s economic sustainability relies on the balance between different markets, on the ability to develop simultaneously supply and demand and on adapting production to market demand.

At the European Hemp Hub, we work in a global, multi-stakeholder and multi-market approach, in a transversal and systemic way to fully integrate the complexity of the hemp ecosystem as a whole and respond to real challenges.

A 360° community

The European Hemp Hub is not a network of actors. It is a 360°community of actors dedicated to producing, giving value and developing the use of hemp. All these actors, whether public or private, commercial or non-commercial, share a social, societal or economic interest and work together to co-build structured, concrete and operational responses within the same space.

Individuals are at the heart of the processes and we believe that openness and cooperation between multiple and varied actors are real sources of development for everyone and for the entire ecosystem.

A local anchor, an international opening

The European Hemp Pole was born in Troyes in the French Aube county, the historical and leading area of hemp cultivation. Today this territory gathers 50% of the French production and 20% of the European production. Its history and seniority genuinely allow it to showcase all possibilities of the hemp ecosystem.

Our anchor is local but our potential to radiate is international. The European Hemp Hub ambitions to develop markets and outlets for hemp by providing structured responses to all actors of all hemp sectors and to all territories. Our aim is global and our ecosystem is already positioned at international level: we work on global markets, with international-scale companies and R&D centers that are integrated into global partnerships.