Hemp, an exceptional plant

An ecological, economical and responsible plant

Hemp is a millenary crop. It is one of the first plants cultivated by humans since the beginning of agriculture. With its multiple valorisations and its agronomic assets, hemp appears as a real tool for ecological transition. It responds to today’s economic, environmental and societal challenges.

A zero waste plant

Hemp is fully valorized. It offers several products: straw, which is separated into fiber and shives (granulate) during the defibration, hempseed (seeds), inflorescences, and fines (the dust). All the components of the plant are exploited through different uses. Each has its own characteristics that adds to its finished products.

In the heart of the hemp harvest
With Thibaut Janson, hemp productor.

hemp hectares
produced in the world (2020)

hectares in Europe
Europe is the 2nd largest hemp producer in the world (2020)

hectares in France
France accounts for nearly a third of European production and is the European leader in hemp production (2020)

hectares in the Grand Est region
The Grand Est region represents 50% of French hemp and 20% of European hemp

The hemp

Hemp is an annual crop. It is sown in April, and is harvested between September and October. It offers many agronomic benefits, but the main advantage of hemp is its positive environmental impact.

Thanks to its deep, pivot roots that can reach up to 3 meters deep, hemp does not require irrigation and it is resistant to periods of drought.

The very rapid growth of hemp allows it to smother all competition and thus be cultivated without pesticides.

Hemp is an excellent CO2-sink : 1 hectare of hemp has the capacity to absorb as much as 1 hectare of forest, that is 15 tons of CO2 !

The height and density of hemp make it a formidable reservoir of biodiversity. It is very appreciated by spiders and ground beetles, predators of crop pests.

Hemp requires on average 2 times less nitrogen than rapeseed or wheat.

Hemp is grown without GMOs. It is also a very good trap for nitrates.

Hemp integrates perfectly into crop rotation. It improves soil structure and fertility and allows for better yields for the following crop.

The transformations
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