Join the European Hemp Hub !

Contribute to the development of hemp production, processing, and uses!

5 reasons to join the European Hemp Hub

Creating new outlets

Explore new ways to value hemp to develop its uses and create value for all stakeholders in the hemp ecosystem, from upstream to downstream!

A trusted environment of innovation and value-sharing where you’ll benefit from the support of an entire cooperative ecosystem with a shared ambition.

Bringing sectors together

Join an innovative organization based on the 360° valorization of hemp and ecosystemic cooperation!

Consider the overall ecological and economic dimension of hemp and operate in a global, multi-stakeholder, and multi-market approach in a cooperative logic.

Adopting a 360° vision for the future

Become part of an extensive ecosystem with strong and diverse expertise, allowing you to address your questions, provide solutions, identify common opportunities, and share your knowledge and experiences for the benefit of all, in a cross-learning approach.

Transversality and openness, whether territorial or sectorial. It is through the multiplication of perspectives and the diversity of actors that a comprehensive prospective vision of the future of hemp can unfold.

Contributing to territorial transition

Participate in the economic, ecological, and social transition of your territory through hemp!

The European Hemp Hub offers structuring projects and initiatives adapted to the strengths and weaknesses of each territory to invigorate local industrial fabrics and address the challenges of agricultural, economic, environmental, and societal transition.

Joining an innovative cooperative ecosystem

Discover organizational innovation and join a cooperative and unifying structure, co-constructed continuously by the actors who compose it!

The European Hemp Hub creates the method, the framework for innovation, and new forms of cooperation among all categories of actors to capitalize on the strengths, expertise, and experiences of an entire ecosystem.


  • A company looking to create, develop, or promote hemp-based products.
  • A territorial community aiming to foster the development of hemp-related activities in your region.
  • A university, training center, or research institution wanting to contribute to and benefit from the knowledge and expertise of an entire ecosystem.
  • A promotion and development network or an association seeking a comprehensive perspective on the ecosystem for your projects development.
  • A farmer wanting to engage alongside the industries that enhance your production. 
  • An individual interested in supporting the development of hemp and its applications in your territory.

Join the European Hemp Hub

and contribute in a tangible way
to the transition of our territories

As an associate,
you benefit from the following services

  • Special rates on our services and our activities,
  • Preferential access to the World Hemp Forum and to our events,
  • Thematic working groups and governance spaces,
  • Prospective committee and cooperative monitoring,
  • Promotion and listing of your hemp-related events and products,
  • Priority listing of your organization on our website,
  • Monthly newsletter about all our activities,
  • Spaces for sharing, mutual inspiration and cooperation rejuvenation.