Project structure

Context :

  • A leading region of hemp production in Europe
  • Referenced actors at national and international level
  • Hemp a sector for the future

Willingness to broaden, bring together, federate players in the value chain from upstream to downstream on the different hemp application markets, in a multi-stakeholder and multi-market ecosystem:

Les marchés du chanvre sont l'alimentation, la plasturgie, le bâtiment, le textile, la anté, la cosmétique et les composites
collectivités locales, développement, institutionnels, recherche, agriculteurs et industriels

Work Packages and OIG

7 groupes techniques ont été créés en 2020

The innovation proposed by the OG European Hemp Pole is an organizational innovation for structuring an integrated sector (agro-industrial, research, development and innovation, training, financing …).

At the heart of the project organization :
the Organizational Innovation Group (OIG)

The GIO must answer the following three questions:

  • What governance for the future European Hemp Pole structure?
  • What sustainable economic model?
  • What dedicated animation?

Led by an expert cabinet, methods favoring cooperation and co-construction will be used.

The OIG will define the cooperative process and ensure its dissemination in the Work Packages (WP) and the feedback on the organizational aspect of the WPs.

Work Packages, which will allow partners to work on operational thematic topics, will be set up.

Seven work packages are considered and their scope is yet to be defined, they will be set up in early 2020:

Hemp Agricultural processes and production

Technical itineraries, agricultural equipment

Hemp Innovation and transfert tools

Reflection on innovation and technology transfer- technological hall

Hemp Building

New construction systems and prefabrication

Hemp Plastics and Composites

Create the industrial and technological conditions for the use of hemp – fiber, flour, granulate – in the materials field

Hemp Textile

Offering hemp fibers to the global textile markets

Hemp Nutrition-Cosmetics-Health

To know the active ingredients from hemp and to study their ways of valorization in the nutrition-cosmetics-health markets

Hemp Bioeconomy

Interaction between companies and laying-out of EAZ

Over a period of 18 to 24 months, the mission of these WPs will be to develop structuring and shared projects serving the entire organization. Each WP will have to identify problems whether technological or not, and provide a first answer.

The vocation of the WPs is to bring out projects. They will then be developed in another setting than the OG EIP, and on the basis of other funding.

The needs, expectations, constraints and working methods of the various WPs will be analyzed by the OIG and will allow to understand and capitalize in order to define an adapted and innovative organizational model for the European Hemp Pole structure.


Management stratégique et opérationnel du projet

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